Unpaid Internships, Matt Bors (wait, there’s more)


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Based on this (x). Conclusion: they’re still fuckers. 


Based on this (x). Conclusion: they’re still fuckers. 

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Thousands of Tumblr users have been misled by a post suggesting that an unidentified elementary school girl was battered and sexually assaulted by her classmates only to have authorities excuse it as “rough housing”. This story is awful and provokes anger amongst its readers, as it should. However it’s a LIE

This article smelled “off” when I read it because it clearly stated that the mother withheld her daughter’s name to save her from humiliation. Which made the photo of the girl seem off. Why hide her name if you’ll show her face? That’s because this isn’t an article on CNN like the post suggests and that little girl isn’t a sexual assault victim. You’re looking at a photo of Makayla McEvoy. She was 7 when this photo was taken in 2012 after she survived a Kangaroo attack.

Little miss McEvoy is an Australian animal attack survivor. She is NOT an American rape victim from Georgia (thank God)

The artificial news story was fabricated by a Tumblr user called dropmycumberbritches (who now goes by vegetableighs since handing the account off to someone else to avoid heat) After posting the artificial story to raise awareness to Rape Culture, the Tumblr user then celebrated and sang their own praise. Luckily another Tumble user, untrue-posts, found the article, did some digging and reblogged the initial post with the real info.

However, the original post is still picking up speed and is sitting comfortably at 20k+ posts. Please, spread this news and let everyone know that there is not a Georgian rape victim going uncared for. Instead, there’s a poor Australian girl who was attacked by a Kangaroo in 2012 who recovered, only to have her face used for some else’s agenda.

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An artist from Oakland, California collects trash and makes tiny mobile homes for the homeless.





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Afropunk Hair Portraits by awolerizku

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Confined Freedom.


Confined Freedom.


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the queen wearing a hoodie whilst driving a range rover


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Today in Solidarity: Protesters gather in Oakland against the Urban Shield conference and police militarization

Ever wonder where cities get all their fancy ideas on how to militarize their police force? It’s not just from the Pentagon— it’s conferences like Urban Shield, that highlight the latest in tactical equipment and practices for suppressing the very people you’re sworn to serve. #staywoke #whodoyouprotect #whodoyouserve 

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These hang out on my shoulders, deciding my fate.

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